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Dr Alan Rae – Entrepreneur Mentor Musician

By | April 2, 2010

About Alan Rae I’ve set up and run 4 companies in IT, business support and e-commerce so I know about Sales, Finance and People. I teach entrepreneurial and digital marketing and business metrics at Southampton University Business School. Research Projects As Ai Consultants I’ve done numerous research projects into how small companies behave particularly how… Read More »

Business Adventures 2019

By | January 10, 2019

This year I’m working at turning the Entrepreneurial Marketing course materials into something that’s useful to small businesses. So I’ve been going around talking to people about what parts of the mix are really holding them back. It turns out that the area that people are concerned about most is how you build the strategic… Read More »

Data Science in Digital Marketing

By | October 25, 2017

For the last few months I have been working with Southampton Data Science Academy to produce a course on Data Science in Digital Marketing. Find out more at Master Digital Marketing. It covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and shows you how to apply data science techniques to problems such as predicting churn. The course… Read More »

What it takes to create a business that works

By | September 5, 2017

A shock for newcomers to business is the sheer complexity of what you need to keep track of. This video reviews what you need to think about in creating a business model and outlines the stages of the funding journey. It has some ideas for managing cash, tells you what the hallmarks of a good… Read More »

How to research new products.

By | September 1, 2017

I’ve spend quite a lot of  my working life developing and launching new products. One interesting insight from the Entrepreneurial Marketing course I teach is that the informal way I use is more usual than the official Kotler view taught in mainstream marketing. This video tells you more about this 4 stage process. Talk to… Read More »

How businesses grow – and some of the issues they face.

By | August 24, 2017

This video reviews some common issues of business growth and sets them into the context of how larger organisations operate in the market place, and what opportunities and dangers come from collaborating with organisations that are seeking to grow rapidly to become the main player – the Gorilla if you will – in a market.… Read More »

What do I think will happen post Brexit?

By | August 7, 2017

Let’s start by being realistic about the economy. The UK economy depends on Overseas owned manufacturing who want a low regulation regime inside the EU The city of London and the attendant service industries. The M4 corridor – full of companies who want an English-speaking location with good communications to operate inside the EU. The… Read More »

1ManBrand now available as on demand video.

By | June 30, 2017

As a business owner it’s likely you have to do the Sales and Marketing yourself. Probably you’ve had no formal training in either. Most of what’s around is aimed at marketing consumer goods but the chances are you are selling to other businesses – not the general public. You need to be able to create… Read More »

Entrepreneurial Marketing

By | July 21, 2016

Developing a successful business means that we have to create value that our customers will be prepared to pay more for than it will cost us to provide it. In the corporate world there are resources to shape the market in the direction we want – brand, research, persuasion power. In the entrepreneur’s world we… Read More »