Digital Business Brighton – a great day with great people

By | September 15, 2011

Social Media for Real Businesses

If you’re wondering about how to use the tools of digital media to get some more business, you need to be clear about what role they play in your sales. marketing and networking.

For most of us who are selling to other businesses, we get most of our business from face to face meetings and referrals from people who know, trust and like us. However when someone new meets or is introduced to you, pretty soon they’re going to check you out on line.

Then you want them to find things that recommend you, that show what you can do and that generally presents you in a good light. The scenery for the play so to speak. Now you can have a play without scenery but there’s usually a better response if the prospective client is put at ease.

So I’d like to invite you to a full day on how to apply all of these tools in your business.

Digital Business Brighton.

It’s called Digital Business Brighton and happens on Friday 27th th January 2012 at the Pavilion Theatre in the heart of Brighton.

In addition to me there’s a great line up of speakers and workshops including my two co-presenters from the CIM’s recent #beyondtheblog event.  @PennyPower, founder of Ecademy which is still the most sophisticated online networking environment and @NickTadd founder of property tribes who will be talking with his wife Vanessa (@4walls) about how they developed this forum for property investors

Other speakers include @warrencass, founder of business scene who will be talking about what lessons the porn industry can teach us in its use of social media and @nicolacairnx of money gym fame.

It should be a great day – you can book here at the early bird discount of £50 until the 21st September.

I’ll be talking about how to pull it all together and develop a wide reaching presence using social media to lead people to the social proof that you’re got at what you do using tools like Slideshare, youtube,  and and how to integrate these with face to face techniques like networking, workshops and (dare I say it) selling.

And if you can’t make it to Digital Brighton you can always buy the book –  Social Media for Real Businesses.

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  1. Maude

    I actually learned about a lot of this, but with that said, I still assumed it had been valuable. Nice blog!

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