How to do Business – 7 Guiding Principles

By | October 20, 2011

I find that many insights these days come through conversations on-line and in pubs. There’s something about conversations that crystallise your thinking.

I mention this because that’s where the impetus to consolidate this came from. You can read an extended version of this in my e-book 21 Business Stories but the headlines are here.

The 7 Point Plan for How to do Business

This is all about how to build a sustainable business that will grow. Sustainable as in “Lots of Apples at a reasonable profit for a long time” – Emily Durrant.

1 Treat people who buy from you, sell to you and work for you as grown ups – it’s amazing the difference this makes.

2 Identify something that people want to buy – then sell it to them – politely

3 Describe what you have to sell in words of one syllable focusing on why it’s useful to whoever’s going to buy it. If you are selling spinach then this step is not necessary.

4 Take the trouble to create easy to operate procedures that have some resilience in them.

5 Think permaculture and build sustainability into your business model. It’s no longer a nice-to-have but a core part of a 21st century business strategy. For instance we’ve put in a rainwater harvesting reservoir this year. It will save us £8k a year.

6 When you screw up admit it and refund without question – this will save time, money and your blood pressure.

7 Take whatever profits you make and spend them on something that is valuable, useful or beautiful. Don’t what ever you do entrust it to a suit to invest on your behalf.

If you want to build some of these into your own business I  can help you. Next event is a Free webinar on 1st November on using Social Media for Real Businesses – you can book on here.

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