What it takes to create a business that works

By | September 5, 2017

A shock for newcomers to business is the sheer complexity of what you need to keep track of. This video reviews what you need to think about in creating a business model and outlines the stages of the funding journey. It has some ideas for managing cash, tells you what the hallmarks of a good company look like and ends up with a 5 point plan for moving the business forward.

As always, it’s based on a lot of the things I got wrong over the years backed up by research into what successful companies do.

If you need some help with any of this you can add a comment to this article or contact me via twitter (I’m @alanrae)

If you want a couple of inexpensive tools to help you think about what you might do in more details, you might like to try either of these – if you order I’ll email you the link to the documents as soon as possible.

Watch out for another instalment in a couple of days.


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