Data Science in Digital Marketing

By | October 25, 2017

For the last few months I have been working with Southampton Data Science Academy to produce a course on Data Science in Digital Marketing. Find out more at Master Digital Marketing.

It covers the fundamentals of digital marketing and shows you how to apply data science techniques to problems such as predicting churn.

The course starts with a foundation week looking at statistics, how traffic gets to a site and the basics of Google Adwords and Analytics.  It illustrates how to measure performance in sites without e-commerce carts.  So it’s suitable for organisations such as business to business sites or not for profit organisations.

Tracking Events

If you can’t track the stages in an online sales funnel, you have to measure engagement in other ways. One approach is to use  goals – such as how many pages people look at. Another is to use events to track engagement with collateral. This is easy to set up with the right tools and we cover this in detail. How to measure

  • White paper downloads
  • Video consumption
  • Sign ups
  • Interactions with calculators.

This needs to be set up at both the site end and the analytics end and we will cover how to do this in a practical way.

Data Science in Digital Marketing

You will see how sources of data can play in making sense of customer engagement, including :

  • Customer segmentation
  • Behavioural data and metrics
  • Churn prediction

You will work with real data from our demo site to explore data science in digital marketing.

  • Learn how to use different sources of data and analysis methods to gain insights about visitors and their behaviour.
  • Measure activity within a site and  track the key events  to build customer profiles and predict the behaviour of future visitors.
  • Understand how to combine this data with  social media to give more meaningful insights.

Throughout the course you will  consider how you would use the techniques in your own campaigns.

More details of other projects I have worked on here.

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