Academic Work and Publications

I have been a visiting lecturer at the Business School at the University of Southampton since 2012 and currently run Masters’ Modules in Entrepreneurial Marketing and Web Analytics as well as working as a supervisor on the Masters’ dissertation programme.

I have recently completed creating and running a CPD course entitled “Data Science in Digital Marketing” with the Web Science Institute. The demonstration site for the course can be found here.

In the past I have run modules in Digital Marketing and Market Analytics at both Masters and undergraduate level and taught the Entrepreneurial Marketing Elective at the Business School in Toulouse.

A list of my publications is below.

Publications include


Tranee workbook – e-enabling small Eastern European transport companies.  2006

Marketing online and Offline in BusinessWise Ecademy Press 2007

Abandoned Heroes – the decline of ICT business support in “e-Governance” Ed Budd and Harris – Routledge 2009

Fast Track to e-commerce success for Business Link for London 2002

Growing Jobs – how to develop a world class horticultural workforce – for SEEDA 2010

Social Media for real Businesses 2011

Growing Jobs – paperback version with case studies and evidence base 2011

Articles in refereed journals (all recent papers are available in full from

Harris, L. Rae, A. and Misner, I. “Punching above their weight: the role of networking in SMEs” Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development (2011)  19(2) 335-351

Barnes, D., Clear, F., Dyerson, R., Harindranath, G., Harris, L. and Rae, A.  “Web 2.0 and micro-businesses: an exploratory investigation Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, (2011) 19 (4) 687-711  Award Winning Paper from Emerald.

Harris, L. and Rae, A. (2011) “Building a personal brand through social networking”, Journal of Business Strategy

Harris, L. and Rae, A.  (2009) ‘The Revenge of the Gifted Amateur’, Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, Vol 16 issue 4, pp 694-709 (included in Emerald’s highlighted summaries for Executives section)

Harris L. and Rae A (2009) The online connection: transforming marketing strategy for small businesses. Harris and Rae Journal of Business Strategy vol 31 no 2 2010 pp4-12

Harris, L. and Rae, A. (2009) “Social Networks: the future of marketing for small businesses”, Journal of Business Strategy, Vol 30, issue 5, pp 24-31

Harris, L., Rae, A. and Grewal, S. (2008). Out on the Pull. International Journal of Technology Marketing, Vol. 3, No. 2

Seminar and Conference Presentations

Harris, L. Rae, A. and Misner, I. “Punching above their weight: the role of networking in effective SME marketing” for Entrepreneurial Marketing Conference, Turkey, April 2009

Other Articles Alan Rae, Lisa Harris and Ivan Misner (2009) “21st Century business networking”

Ivan Misner, Lisa Harris and Alan Rae (2009) “How – and where people network”