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I presently act as a business adviser and coach focusing on helping growing companies overcome marketing and communication issues having been an owner manager of IT related companies since 1981.

I worked on the West Sussex “Be the Business” programme running clinics for general business advice where I supported  19 small companies by monitoring their grant spend and trouble shooting issues that emerge. I also had 2 agricultural based Growth Accelerator clients and am a visiting lecturer at the Management School in Southampton and Toulouse Business School where I teach a course in Entrepreneurial Marketing.

Most of the advice is based on my own 30+ years experience as an owner manager backed up by some of the many research projects I’ve carried out into how small businesses actually operate. These have been commissioned by Government departments, major ICT companies and Universities and have focussed on how small  growing companies use the internet to promote themselves and improve their profitability. Most companies need to focus on business planning or marketing so here are a couple of inexpensive tools to help you.



I’ve carried out customer research and developed training programmes for HP, PCWorld, O2, Yell, and numerous EU and UK government projects such as Tranee, the National e-procurement project and several Universities and Government Departments.

One project, carried out with the Kingston, Royal Holloway and Brunel Universities, led me to develop two programmes to help small businesses with their sales and marketing. 1Man Brand focuses on aligning marketing with sales activity and has been adopted by the Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise. Punch above your Weight successfully trained over 100 small businesses in how to build an effective online presence. Over 10,000 small companies have downloaded and used my materials over the last few years

A further project relevant to the issues growing companies face was the work I did for SEEDA as horticultural workforce champion in 2008. This involved producing a good practice guide for small company HR plus a number of case studies. The case studies and the report can be obtained via the project’s own site It’s also available as a paperback which includes a summary of high performance work practices and forms a useful guide to getting the best from your staff.

I have come to believe that Marketing and Leadership are two sides of the same coin – they are both aimed at motivation through communication. If we tell the story outside the business it’s called marketing, if we tell it inside the business we call it leadership – But it’s the same story. If you get systematic about how you tell it, the results will flow. That’s what I help companies to achieve.

You can find more information about this at my Communication in Business site

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