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About Alan Rae

About Alan Rae. I’ve set up and run 4 companies in IT, business support and e-commerce so I know about Sales, Finance and People.

about Alan Rae

Dr Alan Rae

I’m a Chairman of our family horticultural business at Fletching Glasshouses in Sussex . We sell plants on the internet as Plants4Presents, and sell things for organic gardeners who want to be a bit more scientific about their Gardening.

And I teach entrepreneurial and digital marketing and business metrics at Southampton University Business School.


I’ve done numerous research projects into how small companies behave particularly how they communicate with their customers and staff.  Organisations I’ve worked with include SEEDA, HP, PCWorld, Virgin Atlantic, EU Leonardo project, Ukonline4Business, DTI, BNI, Yell and several Universities. I’m an Author, a Speaker and I develop training materials, run workshops and give face to face advice.

Current Activities

Developing a course on Data Science and Digital Marketing with Southampton Data Science Academy – more details here.

Writing my 3rd book – this one on Entrepreneurial Marketing. It combines insights from teaching the course at the Business Schools in Southampton and Toulouse with my own experience of setting up and running 4 businesses. Plus input from the many companies I’ve helped and the research projects I’ve carried out.

It helps you

  • recognise how marketing in small companies is different from the way corporates behave
  •  understand the enviroment you operate in
  • build your support network of suppliers and intermediaries
  • manage sales people and get into supply chains effectively
  • balance online and offline marketing
  • track the growth of value in your business
  • help you learn to manage while still behaving entrepreneurially

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To find out more about Alan Rae you can ring me on 01825 724 282

Follow me on twitter on @alanrae

Full details on my linked in page