Fletching Glasshouses

Fletching Glasshouses

Fletching Glasshouses are the home of our family business. We bought them in 2006 years ago as part of the expansion of Plants4Presents which uses most of the pack station and the propagation benches.

Over the last 8 years we’ve turned most of the glass over to growing organic vegetables getting our Soil Association Certification 3 years ago in 2008.

We’ve also developed two additional mail order businesses, Ladybird PlantCare which supplies biological controls (predators) for greenhouse and garden pests and The Intelligent Garden which offers tools and advice for keen gardeners and seeks to marry organic principles with a scientific approach.

My role here has been to develop The Intelligent Garden and act as the public face of the veg business, opening new accounts, taking the produce onto farmers markets and looking at ways to develop some added value products using surpluses.

We’ve been progressively improving the site. We’ve put in a more energy efficient boiler to heat the propagation area in the winter and in 2011  we’ve installed a rainwater harvesting reservoir which should save several thousand cubic meters of mains water a year. At the beginning of 2014 we installed a wood pellet boiler which means that a large part of of our daily activities now come from renewals.

Finally we have beeen been pioneering selling some of our produce on line. We’ve started with leaves, chillis and salad vegetables. You might want to check it out at the Fletching Glasshouses Site.  Sussex Vegetables Delivered

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