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How to do Business  is my website for Business Advice and support which not surprisingly shows you How to do Business.

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How to do business

One thing that I’ve learned in over 30 years at the coalface is that running even a small business is quite a complex matter. You need to have good products that people want to buy, you need to have robust systems manned by willing people, you need to promote yourself effectively and you need to keep solvent. Not forgetting all the compliance and accreditation issues you need to start trading with larger organisations as your business grows.

Most of the advice that’s available comes from specialists but what you need first is an integrated overview of the business so you can set priorities. We specialise in giving you the MD’s view of the world based on starting up and building 4 successful businesses backed up with an extensive research programme carried out with University Business Schools, Government agencies and major IT corporates over the last 15 years.

Common problems growing businesses face

The How to do Business site sets out help you overcome the common barriers that all small businesses face as they grow. These are generally either to do with sales, people or cash flow. Since 1981, we’ve made the most comment mistakes often enough to see the signs in someone else. And we’ve experienced and dealt with some of the unexpected issues that crop up along the way.

Such as the problems of growth that kick in above 10 employees due to the ever increasing numbers of relationships in the business.

What you need to be clear about

You need to answer 5 key questions in order to launch a successful business. These are

  • Does anyone want to buy it?
  • Can we deliver it?
  • Will it make money?
  • How will we scale it?
  • How are we going to change behaviours between entrepreneur and manager modes as the business grows?

Then you have the issues that naturally develop with success

    1. Coping with providing just enough structure to manage compliance
    2. Building a scalable IT infrastructure
    3. How to run an effective marketing campaign
    4. How to safely recruit salespeople
    5. Reinventing the product range
    6. How to keep the staff motivated
    7. How to take cost out of the business model

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What would you like to know

Books and Courses by Alan Rae

Several books and courses are available based on extensive research on how growing businesses actually network, use the internet for cost reduction and for promotion. Here is a quick list.

Social Media for Real Businesses

Workbook that explains how small companies can get their sales and marketing in sync. For most of us our web presence via

Social Media for Real Businesses

Social Media for Real Businesses

blogs, social media and other online activities is the scenery for the play of our face to face networking and selling. This workbook takes you step by step through the processes needed to create an effective digital marketing campaign.

You can buy the book or  find out more here.

1  Man brand

1 Man Brand is made up of about 6 hours of video material which takes the Social Media for Real Businesses workbook and takes you step by step through the process of implementing it.

Because of recent EU legislation on VAT it includes two half hour tutorial sessions carried out as a webinar and is supplied with the workbook as hardcopy.  It will be also be available fully electronically in due course.

You can buy the course here or find out more about it here

How to do Business – Entrepreneurial Marketing

Currently being finalised is our future flagship product, Entrepreneurial Marketing. Its been developed from material used to teach the subject at the Business Schools in Southampton and Toulouse. It recognises that entrepreneurial businesses do not plan or market themselves in quite the same way that corporates do. In practice rather than start from where they want to be in 5 years and work backwards its much more usual to start with what you’ve got, co-create some offers with customers and work forwards by following the money.  The techical term for this turns out to be effectuation.

By the same token most business plan templates have been developed to convince funders that you can make money. They’re not much use for actually running the business on a day to day level. That’s why we developed an entrepreneur’s business plan that makes you come up with all the answers about HOW you are actually going to develop the business.

If you would like a copy please contact me through this form.

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If you have a problem with how your business or industry is operating, maybe we can help you.

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